The Yellow Watermelon

Hellow all, as you may know – this blog was inspired by a yellow watermelon and to celebrate the first post on this blog, I thought I may begin by writing a post explaining how this inspiration has come about.

Let me explain – 

One faithful day this week, I decided to go to my local IGA. There I was, browsing the lactose free milk and staring at the peas in the frozen section as I routinely do, but this visit was different, my routine was inadvertently tampered with.

So, there I was trolling past the freezer section, making my way toward the register when my path was intersected. Totally caught off guard and flustered, I some how ended up spinning and landing straight into the fresh fruit and vegetable isle. I’m not too sure what happened, but I’m presuming it was the impact of the intersecting shopper that threw me straight out of cansas and landed me in an unplanned IGA shopping isle. Let me tell you – the shock made me want to click my heals and chant “there’s no place like home” and possibly sing this to the staff in the deli section adjacent from me.

My eyes darted around in a kafuffled state, until, I focussed on something – it was light, bright and looked in some way ‘holy’. I couldn’t configure what it was completely, but I knew I had to go toward the light. I grew closer and closer and realised “omg, its a yellow watermelon!” and then I thought “that’s weird, I’ll write a blog about it”.

And that’s how it happened.

Nah that’s not ENTIRELY how it happened, but yeah-sorta-nah-not-really, I had been wanting to write a blog for years. I was waiting for the right time, the right idea, the right inspiration and yes, one glance at that glistening fruit and BAM, it had me at “yellow”.

Of course, this blog won’t be all about the yellow watermelon – as stunning as it was. It will be about all the beautiful, funny and unusual things that I come across in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. So, let’s go exploring shall we! 

ANYWAY back to the watermelon…

SO I BOUGHT THE WATERMELON TO TRY, just so I could give you all the goss on the taste of this glorious fruit. 

The taste was surprising. It was not as sweet as its red counterpart and it had much less punch than I thought a glossy yellow fruit may obtain – but, some how it worked. It was soothing, sweet and really pretty. 

As you can see, in the photo above is a snap of my watermelon adventure. Up here, in IGA you get to use cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags which is much better for the environment and oh-so handy! FYI, the hat in the picture above, is my ‘exploring’ hat. It was given to me by my beautiful sister, so I always wear it when I’m happy and out and about (obviously to IGA I guess!).

Stay tuned for next weeks post! I’m excited to see what inspires the next one!

2 thoughts on “The Yellow Watermelon

  1. try small things says:

    “I knew I had to go toward the light” 😂😂 Looking forward to hearing all about your next adventure, Sarah! (PS: I’ve seen yellow watermelon but I’ve never tried it. Now I know what to expect.)


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