Cooking Adventure Time

I wanted to include in this blog ‘cooking adventures’. See, I don’t really know how to cook very well, so the whole ‘cooking’ expedition is really just one big adventure. So this brings us to the Blog segment “Cooking Adventure Time” (note: please read this to the starting music of kids classic tv show ‘Adventure Time’, and sing “Its Cooking Adventure Time”, because, ITS COOKING ADVENTURE TIIIIIIME).

So, this Cooking Adventure Time involves the microwave, or in this case the ‘mutator’. Many Cooking Adventure Time posts may involve the microwave because I pretty much use the microwave to cook anything. It’s like my best friend, but beeps. yep, okay honestly, I use the microwave to cook everything, Likeeverything– pasta, vegetables, pancakes and even plain old cakes. Bread may be an exciting Cooking Adventure Time expedition, but lets not get too ahead of ourselves just yet!

So, there were these very sad – very very sad biscuity style pancakes (or pancakey style biscuits) that I tried making in the microwave at 1 am while developing this site. They were a little salty, flavourless and potentially nutrition less. They were a hybrid formation between pancake and biscuit which truly turned into something abnormal. Maybe it was the radiation from the microwave that caused the mutation but we won’t go pointing fingers!

Anywho, this strange creation consisted of too much salt (obviously) and as I’m on a no sugar “way of life”, I initially put nothing in to sweeten it, maybe a dash of vanilla essence. But once ‘it’ was good and well in the microwave, ‘it’ was all down hill from there….

The mixture went into the microwave slightly better tasting than what came out. That was scary enough! So, to sweeten it – I found a can of apples and strained the juice. Desperate times caused for desperate measures. I added it to the mixture and… the end result?!

No difference.

So I added more and more and – after nibbling at the dough for abit and feeling in some sort of safe zone, I decided to give it one more go in ‘the mutator’.

Wallllllah! There was Improvement! A very small improvement, but at least the taste of salt was gone!

Oh trusty microwave! What will I do without you!

Stay tuned for more Cooking Adventure Time tales!

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