I’m Moving Rural!


Sooooooo, last week I travelled on down to a beautiful place called Evans Head, yep this cute little oasis is surrounded by national park. Like I mean, 15 kms into a national park. So I thought, yep – why not world ; IM MOVING RURAL.

As soon as I drove into the town, I noticed how perfect it is. The national park for one. I love to walk and be in nature, and my oh my this was sure in nature.

The town itself is very cute. There’s little houses everywhere and a big convenience store and above all – out of the shops that this lovely little town may be missing CONSIDERING IT IS RURAL, it has a YOGA CENTRE. So, I was like “yoga, you had me at yellow”. Perfect! 

So, readers – I’m completely moving rural. RURAL! I’ve got it all figured out, I’ll get a big CRV and live somewhat like an Amish person (nothing like an Amish person but rural) and I will write, which is my most important thing.

I tend to sing a lot in the car, like I can imagine many other rural-livers do, and sometimes my wacky tunes and jingles just come out like a musical form of terrets.

As I was driving back from my day trip to Evans Head, from where I will begin my rural living adventures – I started to sing and as I started singing; my voice changed instinctively.

Now, I ask you all to Imagine seeing a girl in a hat speeding down the highway, yelling/singing “I’m moving to Evans head and I’m living rurallllll” with a country-and western-style-Deep-South accent. I don’t think you can, let’s just say, people stared from across the highway lane at me while trying to over take me. I just kept singing away cheerfully.

It’s really the best thing to do when moving rural!

So all, join me on my adventure, rural living off we go and expect photos and more posts of my rural living adventures very soooooon!

Get excited! “Ruralllllll!”

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